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What's the Big Deal With This Blog?

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Gadgets. Every year I go through tons of them. I'm a proven gadgetaholic.

The fact is, despite the inevitable disappointments, I believe in them.

Recently I discovered that I don't just enjoy playing around with gadgets, I also enjoy teaching others how to use them. If my suggestions can help improve someone's life or make a particular task, I've done my job.

Let me cite a recent example: my wife has been hunting around for a laptop to do some writing. Her requirements were as follows: email, word processing, Facebook.

So why did the fellow at the big box store want to sell her a laptop with a million bells and whistles? We ended up opting for a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard, and she couldn't be happier.

This is my point: often what we need and what we're told we need are very different.

Reviews & Ramblings

The articles on this blog will likely go in one of two directions.

First, I will review new technology, new gadgetry, and stuff that's just around the corner. I'll be writing these reviews with the hope to help you wade through the fluff and get to the heart of the issue: the ideal solution to a particular problem.

Secondly, I will write on technological innovations and advancements. I'm an optimist and a technology buff, so you'll likely find stuff on space exploration, medical science, clean energy and more.

I hope you find the gadgets and technology as fascinating as I do! Thanks for stopping by.

Will Henry

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